Northwest Mosquito
and Vector Control Association

About Us

NWMVCA membership has a diverse range of interests including operational control, public health, and research. The association began in the 1960s with leadership from vector control district managers such as John Stoner and John Calicrate of Lane County, Oregon. Subsequent association leaders included well-known AMCA member Richard Morton and our former Secretary/Treasurer, Doris Splattstoesser of the Benton County Mosquito Control District in West Richland, Washington. Currently NWMVCA business is handled under the direction of Executive Director Jason Kinley and various other officers.

Integrated Mosquito Management

The Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control Association supports management of vector populations when and where necessary by means of an integrated program designed to benefit or to have minimal adverse effects on people, domestic animals, wildlife and the environment. This integrated pest management policy recognizes that vector populations cannot always be eliminated, but often must be suppressed to tolerable levels for the well-being of humans, domestic animals and wildlife, and that selection of scientifically-sound suppression methods must be based upon consideration of what is ecologically and economically in the long-term interest of humankind.

The following principles are to be followed: